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Red Sox Woes Continue...

I can't believe it. As if it wasn't enough that the formidable Yankees stole the win away from the Sox yesterday, but they had to have a repeat performance as well today. The run support for each team was identical for both days of play, and the Yankees happened to be in the win column 'ta boot. Man. What happened to this newly reborn, communal, heart-filled team that all die-hard Red Sox fans knew and loved watching in the first half of the season. They just can't seem to hold on to their lead late in the game. Not to mention that the void for 1st base has yet to be filled. I'm not sure how to feel or react right now, still in a state of shock and dismay. With the trade deadline approaching, who knows whether GM Port will take the initiative and show he's got some balls and the tenacity like his troops to go after something in which this great town deserves. I just hope the administration as well as the team are satisfied with the amount of effort they put into the entire season when all the wins and losses are compiled and calculated in September. this has been submitted by timsushi.
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